Sun Devil Giving Day

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Your gift makes a difference!

Each year, the Arizona State University School of Music relies on gifts from alumni and friends to provide much-needed funding to support students, faculty and the hundreds of free concerts the School of Music hosts at ASU and throughout Arizona.

We believe that music can transform lives!

Heather Landes



As director of the ASU Herberger Institute School of Music, I have the opportunity to share many exciting initiatives with our investors. We are the fifth largest School of Music in the United States, with almost 750 undergraduate majors and graduate students. We have thriving programs in instrumental and vocal performance, composition, music education and therapy, as well as strong academic programs in ethnomusicology, music history and theory. Our students and faculty are working in our local community as well as through international channels, sharing their skills as performers, scholars and educators. We believe that music can transform lives, and we appreciate your interest in sharing our vision!




Invest in our students

A scholarship gift is one of the most important ways of supporting and partnering with outstanding students studying instrumental performance, composition, voice, music education and therapy, ethnomusicology, music history and music theory. Scholarship support goes directly to student’s educational expenses and now more than every before, often is the deciding factor in a student’s ability to achieve their dream to go to Arizona State University. A scholarship gift provides a meaningful way to have your name, or that of another family member, friend or former teacher or mentor, or a firm’s name part of the future of the School of Music.

Annual Scholarships

Annual Scholarships

For an annual scholarship, a donor makes a gift (usually at least $500) with the intent that the entire gift will be awarded to one or more students during the same academic year as when the gift was made or within an established timeframe, usually not more than two years.

Gifts to the Director’s Annual Scholarship Fund

Gifts to the Director’s Annual Scholarship Fund

Gifts of less than $5,000 go directly into the Director's Annual Scholarship Fund and are awarded in full in the fall of each year to students on the basis of both merit and need.

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships

When a donor makes an investment to establish an endowed scholarship, they ensure scholarship support for students in perpetuity. Typically, endowment funds start with a commitment of $25,000. Many times, donors, will elect to build up the endowment fund over a period of time – usually two to three years. An endowment fund ensures that an award will be made to a student(s) each and every year in the name of that fund. Endowed scholarships provide donors to build relationships with their recipients and create criteria that honor the donor’s particular interest or field.

Gifts to the Alumni Scholarship and Research Fund

Gifts to the Alumni Scholarship and Research Fund

The School of Music has one of the most dynamic and committed alumni community at Arizona State University. As School of Music alumni well know, an educational workshop, travel to a professional competition or the opportunity to present their research at state and national bodies, like the AIA, help strengthen and broaden a current student’s experience outside the classroom and studio space. Through alumni support, students are exposed to a broad range of academic and real-life experiences that help them acquire the knowledge they need to be successful in their chosen career.

Invest in our faculty

Distinguished, dedicated faculty are our foundation for new levels of excellence in education, research and architectural best practices. A named, endowed chair is the highest honor the School of Music can bestow on a member of the faculty. It is a source of great pride for the recipient, and stable, annual income to supplement their salary or research funding. A chair is a powerful means of attracting and retaining distinguished faculty.