Orchestras, Wind Bands + MTO Auditions

ASU’s ensembles provide opportunities to participate in exciting performances and join a community of passionate musicians and dynamic conductors.

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Whether you are joining us on campus or employing the ASU Sync platform, the bands and orchestras are planning a robust and flexible curriculum for you that will take into account the changing landscape around COVID-19. First, please know that your safety is our top priority. Second, we are going to make sure that we help you further develop the skills that you will need in order to remain current with the adaptations and developments that professional artists and organizations are engaged in during our global situation. We are ready to help you create, learn and move your art form forward in this time of uncertainty. 

We will explore a wealth of music for smaller ensembles from the canon as well as contemporary repertoire and works by BILPOC composers that we will begin preparing virtually, moving to in-person as the circumstances allow. In terms of performances, we are planning events that include fully produced live content, pre-recorded performances, streamed performances from a variety of venues, and the use of outdoor and virtual spaces. We also plan on a variety of guest speakers, artists and composers, as well as intensive collaboration with ASU composition students and faculty members throughout all of our ensembles.

Orchestras, Wind Bands + MTO Auditions