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Our research initiatives advance innovative musical practices, foster creative enterprise and promote all forms of creative contributions to the field of music.

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Music research + initiatives

Acoustic Ecology Lab

The Acoustic Ecology Lab brings artists, ecologists, and sustainability scientists together in creative placemaking and scientific research projects that engage faculty, students and the community in an effort to advance greater environmental awareness and stewardship. Read more

Music, Learning, and Society Research Group

The Music Education Research Group is a consortium of faculty and graduate students in music education that investigates social transformation through music.

MayDay Group

The MayDay Group functions as an international think tank of music educators that aims to identify, critique and change taken-for-granted patterns of society that threaten effective practice and critical communication in music education. Read more.

PRISMS (Contemporary Music Festival)

Offering the highest-quality performances of experimental music in the Phoenix metropolitan area, the annual Prisms Festival is comprised of themed concerts of music that is rarely performed, along with pre-concert talks, round tables, film screenings, and workshops. Read more

Phoenix Symphony and Nursing

The ASU School of Music and the ASU College of Nursing and Health Innovation teamed up with The Phoenix Symphony and Sunshine Village Memory Care to create a music-based treatment program for people with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias. 

Desert Skies

The Desert Skies Music Symposium on Research in Music Education is one of the longest running independent research forums of its kind in the United States. The biennial symposium is held in February and provides a forum for research about music teaching and learning. Read more

Consortium for Innovation and Transformation in Music Education (CITME)

The Consortium for Innovation and Transformation in Music Education conducts research and leads collaborative initiatives to help music educators and those involved in arts, cultural, non-profit and corporate sectors develop new possibilities for music education and engagement.

Our researchers

Acoustic Ecology Lab - Virtual Reality images of desert

Featured researchers: Garth Paine and Sabine Feisst
Project: Acoustic Ecology Lab

Founded by Garth Paine and Sabine Feisst in 2015, the Acoustic Ecology Lab at Arizona State University (AELab@ASU) is a forum for interdisciplinary collaboration to examine sonic environments through new ways of listening to the land, innovative field recording technologies, interactive sound archives and maps, long-term monitoring and analysis of sonic environments, creative placemaking (musical concerts, audio-visual installations, virtual reality experiences, and sonic story telling), community engagement, and redesign of industrial and urban sound sources impacting livability and wellbeing of human and non-human species.

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Danwen Jiang

Researcher directory

We support the scholarly inquiry, applied research and creative activity of almost 90 faculty.

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