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Rock Band

This course is open to instrumentalists and vocalists, who want to improve their ability to perform, improvise, compose music, and self-teach. An intermediate playing ability and basic musicianship is required, but students do not have to be able to read traditionally notated music. The instructor will assess individual abilities at the beginning of the course, and will customize goals or make recommendations as necessary. The class focuses on learning and performing rock music throughout the semester in an ensemble based context. Concluding in the performance of a live rock concert in front of a live audience, and featuring all the Rock Bands developed throughout the course of the semester. The course is divided into five basic units, each centering on a specific era of American popular rock music. Music learned and performed in class is collaboratively chosen by the teacher and students. The course also includes learning and performing rock and pop music using free internet-based sources such as YouTube, lyric, and music chart websites. In addition, songs are learned and analyzed through the use of ear training techniques and music theory based on the historical development of rock music styles.


Course Credit: 

MUS 294 Topic: Rock Band
3 credits



6 - 8:45 p.m.
Gammage 209, 212, 301, 311



Audition Information

Audition Information: 

An audition is not required for this ensemble.