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ASU mariachi band performing


The mariachi ensemble in the ASU Herberger Institute School of Music began in 1985. The purpose of the ensemble, as with all of the Ethnomusicology ensembles, is to teach the style and performance practices of the tradition in a typical fashion. Consequently, as a member of the ensemble, students and community members use the traditional instrumentation: violines, trompetas, arpa, vihuela, guitarra de golpe and guitarron.

Traditional mariachi genres including the son, huapango, corrido, ranchera and polka, and modern genres, including cumbia, internacional and classico, are performed with some pieces learned by ear and others using scores. 

Participants should be able to read music and play a traditional Mariachi instrument, or other compatible instrument (with instructors' permission). Contact the instructor(s) if you are not sure whether your playing level is appropriate for the mariachi.

Community members are welcome to join!

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Course Credit: 

Undergraduate: MUP 489 Topic: Mariachi
Graduate: MUP 587 Topic: Mariachi
1 credit

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7:15–9 p.m.
Music W218



Audition Information

Audition Information: 

An audition is not required for this ensemble.