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Are you interested in performing, songwriting, creating, recording or producing popular music? Choose your path in this flexible bachelor's degree program.

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A degree in Popular Music

The popular music concentration within the BA program in music at Arizona State University welcomes and accommodates 21st century musicians interested in popular music, music industry studies and entrepreneurship. This includes but is not limited to singers and songwriters, rappers/MCs, laptop performers or composers, guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, DJs/turntablists, and other instrumentalists and vocalists whose musical practices and playing styles are representative of varied popular music idioms. Some classes for this program will be offered on the Downtown Phoenix campus.

Students in this concentration develop musicianship and expertise in creating, songwriting, performing and producing music. All students gain a working knowledge of the music industry and music business, and the entrepreneurial skills necessary to gain meaningful employment upon graduation. Students participate in individual applied study in a chosen specialization, as well as a variety of group performances and production opportunities. Internships associated with specialization courses provide opportunities for students to apply their learning in a real-life context. A capstone course allows students to develop original work in their chosen area of emphasis.

Popular Music - Undergraduate degrees

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The popular music concentration within the BA program in music at Arizona State University...


For questions regarding the Popular Music program, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs at musicadmissions@asu.edu or (480) 965-5069.