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The MM program in performance with a concentration in performance pedagogy concentrates on the performance and teaching of Western art music, with an emphasis on pedagogy.

Students work on their own performance skills while developing the knowledge and abilities to be outstanding teachers in their area through pedagogy classes, observation and teaching in private and group settings. The opportunity to collaborate with music scholars, theorists, composers, educators and other performers provides students with a foundation for a career as a performer, teacher and musician of the highest level. There is also the possibility of engaging in local and state professional organizations and presenting scholarly research or creative activities through workshops or publications.

Graduates of this program typically continue on to a doctorate, open successful private studios, or teach in arts schools of various academic levels.

Program Offered

Performance Pedagogy, MM

Offered by
Herberger Institute for Design & the Arts


Plan of Study

The Plan of Study is the required curriculum to complete the program.

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Application Requirements

Application Procedures + Requirements

Application Deadlines
Spring 2021 (Voice): October 1, 2020
Spring 2021 (Instrumental, Keyboard): October 15, 2020
Fall 2021: December 1, 2020

Curriculum Checksheets

Checksheets break down the course requirements for each degree program and are listed below by area.

Affording Grad School

Music Scholarships
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Program Requirements

Required Core (4 credit hours)
MUP 527 Studio Instruction (4)

Concentration (6 credit hours)
MUP 527 Studio Instruction (4)
MUP 596 Solo Performance (1)
MUP 597 Solo Performance (1)

Area of Emphasis (10-11 credit hours)

Other Studies in Music (11-12 credit hours)
music history (6)
music theory (5-6)

Culminating Experience (0 credit hours)
Written comprehensive exam (0)

Additional Curriculum Requirements
Students select an area of emphasis from the following: instrumental pedagogy, piano pedagogy or voice pedagogy. Students should see the academic unit for specific requirements for the selected area of emphasis.

The other studies in music requirement includes six credit hours of MHL coursework and five to six credit hours of MTC coursework. Students should see the academic unit for specific requirements.

Area of emphasis credit hours may include electives, depending on course selections.