School of Music - Community Briefing

We are all in this together. Although the way we are learning and working may have shifted, the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts is here to support you and remain open remotely.

We are working and teaching remotely due to the current public health situation in the country. Please contact us via email or phone and we will gladly assist you.

Academic Affairs

Julie Krause,, 480-965-3372
Lindsey Berry,, 480-965-5069
Rachel Robichaud,, 480-965-5069

Assistant Director: Keith Thompson,, 480-727-5548
Assistant Director: Karen Schupp,, 480-965-7697

Assistant Director: Connie Furr,, 480-965-5050

Dance and Theatre
Graduate Student Concerns: Rachel Bowditch,, 480-965-7844

Music Front Office

Michele Sanborn,, 480-965-3371
Nancy Sell,, 480-727-6222


Laura Roosen,, 480-965-4392

Instrument Rental

Mike Willson,, 480-965-4502

Music Theatre and Opera

Linda Bennett,, 480-965-2856
Alfredo Escarcega,, 480-965-6306
Sharon Jones,, 480-965-7352
Kate Leonard,, 480-965-2856
Gerald Willow,, 480-965-6306


Lynne MacDonald,, 480-727-7189
Social Media, News, Press: Danielle Munoz,, 480-965-4262 


Catherine Martin,, 480-965-2817

Community Engagement

Samuel Peña,, 480-727-7397

Business Services

Adrienne Goglia,, 480-965-2819
Lori Pollock,, 480-727-9529

Dance and Theatre
Cindy Noldy,, 480-727-7607
Briana Noonan, , 480-965-4262 


Dance and Theatre
Facilities Access: Patti Jones,, 480-965-5497    

Keyboard Technology, Recital Technology

Rick Florence, , 480-965-6760
Keith Cannon,, 480-965-6760
Patrick Driscoll,, 480-727-6652


Dance and Theatre
Production Manager: Carolyn Koch,, 480-965-5199 

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