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Sample Classes

Choose three classes from the options below to attend during the Sample Class Rotation.
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Class Piano

Instructor: Hannah Creviston
Many musicianship skills begin at the piano. Learn a basic chord progression and how to apply it to play many popular songs or improvise your own.


Instructor: Ted Solis
We will have a hands-on ethnomusicological encounter with some selected world music/dance competencies. We will see how these competencies tell us some important things about these cultures.

Music Therapy

Instructor: Melita Belgrave
The music therapy program at ASU was recently ranked #2 on the 20 Best Music Therapy Bachelor Programs. Join Dr. Belgrave for a discussion on how she uses music therapy with older adults in the community. She will also describe the program at ASU and answer any of your questions.


music history studies

Music History

Instructor: Kay Norton
Classical music and rock music have much more in common than melody, rhythm and harmony - come join this interactive session to find out about it!.


Instructor: Jody Rockmaker
Learn how to develop your ideas and create beautiful musical works through short, fun, exercises and activities.

Jazz Studies students

Jazz Improv

Instructor: Michael Kocour
Join ASU Director of Jazz Studies Michael Kocour for an exploration of jazz style and an introduction to improvisation and the art of spontaneous music making.

Music Learning and Teaching

Instructor: Marg Schmidt
Are you interested in teaching music? Hear from current students in the Music Learning and Teaching degree program about their experiences at ASU. Learn about what happens in music education classes, internships, and student teaching and ask questions. Students at all levels of the program will share why they are glad they’ve chosen this major and offer advice about things you can do to prepare for college.


Music Business

Instructor: Deanna Swoboda
This BAMM class will introduce students to concepts of branding, marketing and developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Through active participation in brainstorming activities and creative games, students will learn practical tips about making a living as a musician.


Instructor: Jason Caslor
This interactive session will give you the nuts and bolts of conducting, including a discussion about pathways to the podium.

Musical Theatre

Instructor: Robert Harper
Connecting the mind, body, soul, and voice for a successful musical theatre audition. Tips and guidelines that can help you prepare most effectively for an authentic and memorable audition.

Music Theory

Instructor: Kristina Knowles
Music theory is a living practice that opens up powerful avenues for thinking about the music that we play and to which we listen., This BAMM! class will discuss the power of tension and resolution in rhythmic, melodic and harmonic contexts and provide insights into how awareness about these complementary forces can guide our music performance.

voice student

Vocal Audition Prep

Instructor: Robert Mills

Ac-Cent-tchu-Ate-the Positives: Bringing the Best YOU to a Voice Audition

A session on audition techniques for the singer with an emphasis on how to prepare for an audition including mastering a memorable introduction, dressing right, and engaging with a pianist.