ASU Community Music School

The ASU Community Music School provides students from the community with opportunities for study with ASU faculty and graduate students.


Private Lesson Curriculum

Students receive 45- or 60-minute weekly private lessons over the 30-week duration of the academic year. 45-minute lessons are recommended for beginners and elementary students; 60-minute lessons are recommended for intermediate and advanced students. Private lessons will include a comprehensive mix of repertoire, technique, music theory, musicianship activities and creative work suitable for the student’s level.

In addition to the weekly individual lesson, 2019-2020 tuition will include registration into The Royal Conservatory program. Participation is optional, but encouraged. Many students also participate in the Arizona Study Program. For more information, speak with your private lesson teacher.


Regular punctual attendance at classes and lessons is essential for the student’s success and for continuation in the program. Prompt arrival at lessons and classes will facilitate an on-time start and full, uninterrupted instructional time. In the case of illness or an unusual circumstance, a maximum of one private lesson per term may be rescheduled at the convenience and discretion of the instructor. No refunds will be given for missed classes or lessons and instructors are not obligated to schedule make-up classes or lessons for those lessons missed by the student. In the event of an instructor cancellation, a make-up lesson will be scheduled.


Successful music study is dependent upon consistent daily practice in an appropriate environment. The following is expected from all participants: an acoustic instrument in good repair; a practice setting free from distractions; an established practice routine of a length suitable for your child’s age/level (30-45 minutes per day for elementary students, 45-90 minutes per day for intermediate and above); parental involvement in practice sessions, as necessary; consistent attendance. 


Students are responsible for purchasing their own materials, i.e. music, metronome, notebook. 


Prep Program teachers welcome parent attendance at private lessons and your questions regarding the progress of your child. Please limit discussions of your child’s progress to telephone or email conversations with your teacher or to specially scheduled appointments. Written progress reports will be provided for all Prep Program students at the end of each school year.

Our expectations for your child rise as they progress through the program. We expect continuous accomplishment of lesson tasks at a reasonable level commensurate with number of years in the program. Daily practice and preparation is expected. Each student will be evaluated by his/her instructor at the end of each year.  


We offer a Sibling Discount and have a limited number of need-based scholarships available. For more information, please email

Problem solving

Most concerns regarding instruction should first be addressed to the private instructor. If issues are not satisfactorily resolved or addressed, please contact the Director of the Program to discuss any remaining concerns.