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The School of Music offers special programming for Barrett, The Honors College students majoring in music. Barrett, The Honors College, one of the nation’s highest-ranking honors colleges, offers musicians many unique academic opportunities.

The honors thesis/creative project is your opportunity to contribute to and advance knowledge in your discipline in a meaningful way. Honors students engage with the most dedicated and talented professors committed to working with honors students. Barrett honors students create multiple advantages for themselves in securing internships and research opportunities in music. Your thesis/creative project may help you get admitted to the graduate school of your choice. The honors thesis/creative project may serve as a bridge to the professional world of music.

For a complete description of the mission, scope, requirements and opportunities of Barrett, The Honors College, visit or the General Catalog, “Barrett, The Honors College.”

Admission to music honors program

Students accepted into Barrett, The Honors College, should also make an appointment with the Herberger Institute School of Music Faculty Honors Advisor, Associate Professor Sabine Feisst, 480-965-3114.

The advisor assists students in selecting courses linked to their particular interests and in selecting a faculty honors mentor, a guide to students as they work to complete their specific major.

In the first term of upper-division standing, students meet with the faculty honors advisor to establish an honors thesis/creative project committee.

Honors contracts

Honors contracts offer honors students the opportunity to go beyond given course requirements and conduct an in-depth research project involving a closer contact with the course instructor. Honors students need to approach the course instructor about an Honors Contract at the beginning of the semester to discuss possible projects, topics and specific requirements (these could be the expansion of a 7-page research paper into a 15-page paper and other modified or supplementary assignments). Honors students may also receive advice on Honors Contracts from the School of Music Honors Faculty Advisor.

Courses available for Honors Contracts may include:
MHL 341 and 342 Western Music from Antiquity to the Present
MHL 440 Music Since 1900
MHL 494 Baroque Music
MTC 125 Basic Music Theory
MTC 221/222/223 Music Theory: 18th, 19th or 20th Century
MTC 425 Studies in 20th Century Theory
MTC 327 Intermediate Form and Analysis
MTC 430 20th Century Counterpoint
MTC 422 Musical Acoustics

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