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Recordings + portfolios

The School of Music accepts all media via YouTube (no playlist links accepted) or Vimeo links which can be submitted in the music application. Media includes all video and audio recordings for prescreening and teaching demonstration requirements, as well as recorded auditions (for those who are unable to audition live on-campus). DVD, CD, (or similar) submissions received by postal mail or email are not accepted and will neither be reviewed nor acted upon.

Specifications + troubleshooting

We accept all video and audio media via upload through YouTube or Vimeo. A link can be submitted in your music application. Upload speed is dependent upon both the file size and speed of your internet connection. Be sure to upload files using a stable internet connection, and make sure the computer does not go into sleep or hibernate mode while a file is uploading.

Uploading uncompressed video is time–intensive and not recommended. While large HD videos can be compressed down, MP4, 720p is best. All audio is compressed to a minimum of 320 kbps and videos are compressed to 720p, 1100 kbps.