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Deadlines + fees

Spring 2020 DeadlinesDate
CompositionOct. 1, 2019
DMA Performance: Instrumental, Keyboard, VoiceOct. 1, 2019
MM Performance: Opera + Music Theatre, VoiceOct. 1, 2019
MM Performance: Instrumental, KeyboardOct. 15, 2019
Music TherapyOct. 15, 2019
Music EducationRolling Deadline
Fall 2020 DeadlinesDate
CompositionDec. 1, 2019
Conducting, Music DirectionDec. 1, 2019
Performance: Instrumental, Keyboard, Opera + Music Theatre, VoiceDec. 1, 2019
Performance Pedagogy: Instrumental, Keyboard, VoiceDec. 1, 2019
Musicology, EthnomusicologyDec. 1, 2019
Music TherapyDec. 1, 2019
Music EducationRolling Deadline

Due by the application deadline

  • Graduate Admission Application
  • School of Music Application
  • Prescreening Materials (when applicable)
  • International Applicants: Proof of English Proficiency

Required to complete your application

  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Official Transcripts
  • Program-Specific Requirements (see Steps to Apply)

Incomplete applications not considered

Auditions/interviews will not be scheduled until complete application materials have been received. Applicants who submit complete application materials after the designated deadlines will be confirmed for an audition date (when applicable) only if space is available. Applicants are responsible for tracking the status of recommendation letters, transcripts and English proficiency.

School of Music Application$10
Recorded Audition$65
Teaching Demonstration$15
Late Application$40
Audition Change$10