School of Music | Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

Music Therapy Clinic

The ASU Music Therapy Clinic in the Herberger Institute School of Music is located in the Community Services Building at 200 E. Curry Road in Tempe. The clinic is a space for student therapists to gain knowledge of music therapy through applied practice. You, as the student, interact with members of the community by facilitating therapeutic music experiences under the guidance and supervision of experienced therapists.

During the 2009–10 academic year, the clinic was expanded to include several new rooms for sessions and a break room for students and therapists to eat, read, relax and study. There are computers available, and a wireless connection for those who prefer to bring their own laptop.

Rooms 308 and 309 in the Community Services Building have separate observation areas for viewing sessions, and all five session rooms offer a wide variety of instruments including piano, guitar, electronic keyboard, a drum set, a variety of Orff instruments and percussion. There is also more specialized equipment available, such as the Feeltone and Waverider.

Learning experiences in volunteering, observation and pre-clinical co-leading and supervision are available with the Higher Octave Healing therapists, led by Kymla Eubanks, MT-BC, and Kerry Draney, MT-BC. Higher Octave Healing provides music therapy services to a variety of clients and employs a diverse group of music therapists who lead sessions at the ASU Music Therapy Clinic.

Drum facilitator Frank Thompson of AZ Rhythm Connection provides group music and rhythm experiences with community groups in the “Community Music and Wellness Program” at the ASU Music Therapy clinic that helps students and community members learn drum facilitation techniques. This new addition to the ASU Music Therapy Clinic is housed in the lower level of the Community Services Building in Room 47.